Wendy Ward, Acting Teacher

“Wendy is a powerhouse Meisner teacher. I use her teaching every single time I walk into an audition, a booking or a class.”

— Brandon Pizzola, Los Angeles

About Studio Director Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward received her BA in drama in 1981 from Duke University. She continued her training at the National Theatre Institute and studied in New York with Anna Deavere Smith, Larry Arrick and Vivian Matalon.  In 1987, she began her Meisner training under James Price at The Acting Studio, one of New York City’s leading acting schools devoted to the work of Sanford Meisner.  Upon completion of her training, Mr. Price honored Ms. Ward by asking her ‘to sit with him’ to become a Meisner teacher. During her apprenticeship, Ms. Ward began teaching the Meisner Approach for The Acting Studio and became its Associate Director in 1989.

In 1996, she founded the Ward Acting Studio and quickly established herself as one of New York City’s master instructors of the Meisner Approach. She has taught upwards of 4,000 actors, many of whom have traveled from as far away as England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Macedonia, Austria, Italy, Russia, Israel, Germany and Australia to work with her.

In 2003, she was hired by University of the Arts in Philadelphia to work alongside Neighborhood Playhouse teachers James Brill and Ernest A. Losso, teaching the Meisner Approach to sophomore acting and musical theater majors.

In 2010, Australia granted Ms. Ward its highly coveted Distinguished Talent Visa, allowing her to become a permanent resident and move her Studio to Melbourne.  While there, Wendy taught Meisner workshops at St. Martin’s Youth Arts Centre, LaTrobe Student Theatre and The Film and Television Studio International in addition to opening her own theater space in the Footscray Cotton Mills.  In 2015, Wendy moved her studio to its current location in Durham, North Carolina.

Ms. Ward is also Artistic Director of the Ward Theatre Company, founded in 2005 in New York City as a performance venue for her graduates.  The Company offers opportunities for actors to work as an ensemble and become collaborators in the creation of original work presented in longer performance runs.  In its first season, the Company received two nominations for Outstanding Acting from New York Innovative Theater Awards.  The Ward Theatre Company is unique in that it is populated solely with actors who are Meisner trained. Wendy’s graduates from as far away as Austria, Australia, Israel, Germany, Macedonia and The Netherlands have returned after their training to work as senior members of the ensemble.

Most recently, the Company opened its new space in Durham, North Carolina where it received critical acclaim for its premiere productions of Jacuzzi and I Wish You A Boat.  Ms. Ward’s work has been described as “movies on stage” in reference to her particular ability to get compelling, authentic performances from her ensemble. Critics consistently mention the Company’s exceptional esprit de corps and the high quality of performances given by her graduates, some of whom may be performing for the first time.  During the past two years, her company has been included on INDY Week Magazine’s list for the region’s Top Ten Outstanding Performances and Triangle Arts and Entertainment's list for Top Ten Ensembles.

Ms. Ward is featured in the books Acting Teachers of America by Ronald Rand, Acting Career Start-Up by Anthony Smith and An Actor’s Guide to Making it in New York, available in major bookstores. You can learn more about her online classes at onlineactingclasses.com and learn about her work as a director at wardtheatrecompany.com.

Wendy is a powerhouse Meisner teacher. She is not only the best teacher I’ve had in my fifteen years as an actor, but she is the one that actually taught me how to act. To be a successful actor here in Los Angeles, to compete with the immense number of talented actors, one must have a strong sense of self, truth and an extraordinary connection with their emotional life. For me, Wendy was the teacher that taught me ways to bring these things to life. I use Wendy’s teaching every single time I walk into an audition, a booking or a class
— Brandon Pizzola, Los Angeles