Ward Acting Studio, Class in progress

“This training is making me the kind of actor I admire — one who takes risks, is vulnerable, honest and unconditionally present.”

—Sara Kaufman, New York City

Part-Time Acting Classes

Smart, Bold, Professional and Transformative

The Ward Acting Studio is a professional Meisner technique program that is broken down into three levels of part-time acting classes. These levels are referred to as Tech I, II and III and take one year to complete. Most of Wendy’s graduates remain at the studio for an additional six months to a year to take advantage of advanced acting classes, audition technique classes and to work with Wendy in creating a customized show reel

All Meisner technique classes are offered in a twice-a-week combination of either Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays and are most frequently held in the evening. Wendy does hold day classes when her schedule permits; please inquire about special arrangements.

Students can participate in person or online.  Online study is particularly helpful to local actors whose jobs require frequent travel or for actors in other parts of the country who wish to do their Meisner training with a seasoned professional. For truly motivated and ambitious actors, Wendy offers the opportunity to train four times a week. Wendy’s classes frequently include graduates of the Studio who elect to “work out” in Tech I or Tech II as a way of continually strengthening and deepening the skills they have obtained.

Tuitions is $365/month, and prospective students must schedule an interview to be accepted to the program. Graduates receive a 50% discount when working out in any level of the training.

New Tech I classes are scheduled to begin September 9 and November 4.

You Say You've Already Done Meisner?

Expand your skills / Triple your confidence / regain your love of the craft

If you’ve responded well to the Meisner technique in a previous class, you will be astounded at how much further you can go under Wendy Wards’ tutelage. Wendy has taught the Meisner Approach for over 25 years, and she is a true master. Actors who have received previous instruction in Meisner consistently report how much more challenging, specific and engaging this work becomes with Wendy. Many actors have no idea how much more there is to learn and master after basic repetition and the improvisational exercise.

Wendy will also teach you how to use this training to your advantage in every interview, audition and performance. Her Meisner training provides long-lasting confidence built on the knowledge that you are well-trained, competitive and know how to work with ease under pressure.

Wendy’s years of experience in the industry make her a powerful teacher. She really cares about her students’ progress and guides us to achieve the best in ourselves. I’m excited to have found exactly what I was looking for — New York quality professional training right here in Durham!
— Sharon Bishop, Durham