Six Week Intensive Application

To apply to the Six Week Intensive, complete the form below. Then, under separate cover, email a headshot or recent photo of yourself and your resume, if you have one.  If you have a reel, include the link in your personal essay.  While a resume and reel are not required, they will be reviewed. All materials should be sent to Wendy will follow up to schedule an in person or online interview.

Tips for writing your personal essay

We don't respond well to generic statements that are a chronological summary of your work since elementary school. We are interested in what your journey has been and how it brought you to us.  Be thoughtful about how you describe your experience and give us some insight into who you are as an actor.  While the personal essay may seem academic, effectively articulating your work is part of an actor’s professional skill set. It’s worth your time.

Finally, do not allow a lack of professional experience or previous training deter you from applying. Wendy accepts mature newcomers who are ready for a serious course of study.

Online Placement
It's possible to participate in the Six Week Intensive without coming to Durham to shoot the show reel. Ask Wendy about details around this option.
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