Detail: Ward Theatre Company,  Selling in America

Detail: Ward Theatre Company, Selling in America

What’s expected

Patience, Humility, Commitment and Curiosity

Wendy emphasizes a bold, no-nonsense approach to artistic growth. This requires her students to be committed, active participants in their own development. Making the choice to begin a serious course of acting training is a courageous decision. Becoming a great actor means welcoming the challenges that are inherent in the artistic process.

Wendy will support you through those challenges, but she’s not going to hold your hand; her first request is that you leave your sensitivity at the door.  You must be able to accept feedback in order to grow. If you cannot handle criticism or do not function well in a disciplined environment, it is unlikely that you will succeed in this program.

On the other hand, if you can listen, stay curious, be patient and allow Wendy's feedback to sink in before you reject it, you’ll experience tremendous growth. If you can keep a sense of humor and be willing to make mistakes, you’ll develop an ease with yourself that will make you comfortable in auditions and confident on the set. If you consistently meet Wendy’s expectations, your superior work ethic will provide a true competitive advantage in the marketplace. 


What you receive

Rare Expertise and Tireless Dedication to Your Growth

Actors who study with Wendy agree on several things. They do the best work they've ever done working with her.  They are as inspired by the progress they witness in their classmates as they are by their own achievements.  They recognize that Wendy is a true master of the work who consistently gives 100% to every student, every class.  They express their faith in their training and their trust in Wendy. They feel clear about what they need to do next to build a successful career and continue to seek out her counsel as they journey into the marketplace. 

Detail: Ward Theatre Company,  I Wish You a Boat

Detail: Ward Theatre Company, I Wish You a Boat

Wendy is demanding, professional and will really push you to realize your potential. If you are going to work with Wendy you need to be prepared to really work. I guarantee it’s worth it. The Meisner approach to acting is raw, honest, and real. There is no faking it in this class. Wendy will not settle for anything less than your best and then some. I know I’m a much better actor for it. If you want to work somewhere where the craft of acting is truly taken seriously, then The Ward Acting Studio is for you.
— Carter Smith, Australia