Advanced and Working Actors

Expand your skills / Triple your confidence / regain your love of the craft

What most actors don’t know about the Meisner technique is that when you train under the guidance of a master teacher, it makes you flexible and keeps your work ever-evolving so that you never again become stagnant, bored, discouraged or unsure of your talent. Meisner training under Wendy Ward will

  • unveil extraordinary parts of your talent you’ve never been taught to use

  • develop a new and long lasting confidence in your work

  • combat the uncertainty of the industry by developing absolute certainty in your work

  • reawaken your love of the craft

  • change the trajectory of your acting career

Successful acting careers are built and sustained by never allowing yourself to become complacent. If you’re coasting, chances are you’re taking something for granted. If you suspect something isn’t working because you’re not booking the jobs you think you should, it’s time to approach your craft and your career in a fresh way. Taking a sabbatical to reevaluate, strategize and acquire new, essential skills can result in extraordinary benefits. The New Yorker referred to this as "McConaissance" in a hat tip to Matthew McConaughey, who took time off to reposition himself not just as a RomCom star but also as an academy award winner.

Everyone falls into ruts. Everyone finds themselves on auto-pilot at times. When this happens, it’s time to seek out teachers, mentors, and coaches who inspire you, teach you new skills, help you get out of your own way and revive your passion for your work. Wendy Ward is this person.

Her work is challenging. It requires humility. If you can set your ego aside and approach your work with respect and curiosity, the Ward Acting Studio’s program will be revelatory. Let Wendy transform your work and your career.

I really only started booking serious work after completing my Meisner training with Wendy Ward. Since I finished, I’ve booked three network co-star roles and a major movie coming out this year and keep getting called back by the same casting directors. I’m truly grateful to Wendy!
— Julee Cerda, Broadway revival Children of a Lesser God, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards