Ward Acting Studio Intensive

“After the first week, I knew I was doing the most significant training of my life.”

—Jason Rosenberg, New York

Six Week Acting and Show Reel Intensive

We’ve combined two of our most popular PROGRAMS

June 8-July16, 2020 / select group of ten actors / $3,750 / early bird tuition discounts

Study in beginning or advanced Meisner classes depending on your level of experience

Gain practical experience applying the Meisner technique to scripts, auditions and performances

Take home a custom-designed show reel produced specifically for you

The Ward Acting Studio has offered its Six Week Acting Intensive for 20 years. Wendy built the Intensive in New York and has been invited to teach it in cities across the world. Its specific value lies in the concentrated focus on the proper learning and practice of the Meisner technique, especially its particular approach to working with scripts. Most actors who have received an introduction to the technique lack both exposure and instruction in Meisner’s detailed text work. Wendy provides this training and teaches you how to use these skills competitively in auditions and performances. Unlike typical summer acting programs where you test drive a variety of disciplines and methods, the Ward Acting Studio’s Summer Intensive goes deep into one skill set. At the end of the six weeks, your work is transformed in a significant and compelling way.

This past year we’ve added a new component to the program. In addition to Meisner, script analysis and audition training, you’ll work with Wendy on the creation of a professional, custom-designed show reel. At the end of the summer program, you’ll not only be a better actor but also take home tangible proof of what you can do.


Weekly Schedule

Classes meet Monday-Thursday, usually during both daytime and evening hours, leaving long weekends free for homework, rehearsals, and necessary R&R so students and faculty return rested, refreshed and ready for work the following Monday. The first four weeks of the intensive you’ll focus on learning and applying the Meisner technique to auditions and performances. During the third and fourth week, you’ll also have brainstorming, writing and rehearsal sessions to prepare for your show reel shoot. During the final two weeks of the intensive, you will continue your classes and shoot three short scenes for your reel.

Six Week Acting Intensive students have access to graduates and advanced actors studying in the Ward Acting Studio program to partner with in their show reel scenes, thus providing additional opportunities for growth. For some actors, the show reel project is their first real introduction to on camera work. This work is often challenging and exhilarating as you learn first hand about the challenges of applying your skills under the pressures inherent in performing on camera.

You'll learn to work at a faster pace, become less sensitive to criticism and increase your stamina for life in the industry.  You'll enjoy seeing the growth in your classmates and celebrate the transformation in yourself.  Expect challenges and occasional setbacks, but these serve to move you towards greater results at the end.

Online Acting Intensives

Can’t attend our Intensive in Durham? Ask Wendy about custom-designed acting intensives. She has created intensive courses of study for individual actors, actors working in sets of two and four and small groups of six to eight people. You can achieve so much in her online program. Visit onlineactingclasses.com for more.

The Intensive demands a high level of commitment and discipline; there is no coddling here. At the same time, Wendy seriously cares about her actors and opens up a whole new world of reality-based, truthful work that you never thought possible.  I recommend Wendy to any actor who is serious about their craft.
— Ben Ridgwell, Melbourne