Wendy Ward, Acting Teacher

“Wendy's passion for the craft of acting is contagious. She ignites a fire in you and has a perfect balance of being brutally honest and extremely encouraging.”

—Katie Adler, Los Angeles


World Class Acting Training for Stage, Film and TV

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The Ward Acting Studio is a professional actor training program located in Durham, North Carolina. Wendy Ward opened her first studio in New York City in 1996 and quickly positioned herself as one of the country’s premier teachers of the Meisner technique. For over 20 years, actors from around the world have traveled considerable distances to train with Wendy, developing the skills and confidence they need to leave their day jobs for successful and sustainable acting careers.

Ms. Ward is known for her exceptional mastery of the Meisner Technique and her deep passion for the work.  Her graduates attest to her unique ability to lead any actor, regardless of talent or experience, through exhilarating periods of profound growth.  She challenges actors to address their weaknesses and to become less sensitive to criticism.  Consequently, her students not only develop more compelling and competitive acting skills, but they gain deep confidence and the ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.

If you're a seasoned actor, you’ll discover how much better you can be.  If you're a newcomer, you'll be surprised at how far Wendy can take you in just a few months of training.  Wendy's mastery is in knowing how to build on your existing skills, while liberating important aspects of your talent that you didn't know you possessed.

She is featured in the books Acting Teachers of America by Ronald Rand, Acting Career Start-Up by Anthony Smith and An Actor’s Guide to Making it in New York, available in major bookstores.

I often arrive to Wendy’s classes with butterflies in my stomach, but I always leave a better actress. Expect to be invigorated, challenged, excited, tested and discover more about yourself and your ability.
— Helena Plazzer, Melbourne