Ethnic Casting

You don't want to be cast just because you're Asian.  You want to be cast because you're Asian and BECAUSE YOU'RE GREAT!  You don't want to be cast because you're 56.  You want to be cast because you're 56 and YOU'RE GREAT!

I've worked with a number of actors who get work largely because they are in an area where there just aren't that many actors of their age or their ethnicity.  And some of those actors have invested in getting better and some of them don't seem to care at all if they know what they're doing.  They believe that the initial work they are booked for will lead them to a full-on acting career. They appear oblivious to the fact that they are consummate amateurs.

And that's the seduction -- that short-term excitement which will ultimately kill their long-term dreams.  Or, maybe they don't actually care if they're really good or have what it takes to become an A-list actor.  Maybe it's enough to post some stuff on Facebook and pretend.

I only know this.  People will be very embarrassed for them.  Casting directors will nod their heads and smile and say, "good" and when those actors leave the room, eyes will roll.

Don't let things get to your head!  If you really want to be an actor, don't insult the craft with your hubris.  Care and be curious about the art of acting.  Train.  Study.  If you're only interested in yourself, it will bite you in the rear one day.

And being insecure later on is going to feel really and truly awful.