Stop Calling it Meisner Method!

I found another listing today of a school referring to their work as the Meisner Method.  Their description of their work makes it clear that they have no idea what Meisner is.

What we can expect now is that being Meisner trained will completely lose its value since it will no longer mean that people ARE Meisner trained.  If you haven't studied with me, Ernest Losso, James Price, William Esper, Phil Gushee (sigh!), Joe Anania, Jim Brill, Maggie Flanagan, and a handful of others, you have probably received 3rd-rate training.  You may even have been studying Method.  (Nothing wrong with that but if the teacher was passing whatever they were doing off as Meisner but it was Method, I doubt even their Method training was very good.)

Just a short time ago someone explained their Meisner background to me.  I kept waiting to hear about something that was actually Meisner.

Unfortunately for consumers, "Meisner" doesn't mean much. Stay away from schools that are Meisner-based.  Get additional Meisner training from one of us who sat with our first-rate teachers to learn to teach -- hell, go all the way through the training again with someone who is older than 55.  And by the way, some of the teachers saying they studied with Sandy were actually kicked out of his class so, again, that's not necessarily a sign that they know what they're doing either.

 I have never had a student come to me who claimed to be Meisner trained who wasn't in real need for better training. 

So, if it says "Meisner Method" that may be another hint that you're not going to get Meisner at all.