"I met Wendy almost two years before I studied with her but I never forgot that meeting.  After taking the six-week intensive, I can say that my impressions of Wendy were right.  She is dedicated to her students and pushes them to surpass their limits.  She does not let them get away with anything less than truthful, inspired work". 

- Anthony Smith, Acting Career Start-Up


"I really only started booking serious work after completing my Meisner training with Wendy Ward.  Now I work with her over Skype.  I've booked two network recurring roles, three network co-star roles, and I have a major movie coming out this year.  I keep getting called back by the same casting directors. I'm truly grateful to Wendy!"

- Julee Cerda, New York


"It was when I finished my first lead in a movie, two guest parts in big pilots and tested for Gossip Girls that I realized how much I learned in Wendy’s classes.  She challenges you in a positive way.  I would love to be in her class again." 

- Alexandra Daddario, San Andreas, True Detective, Percy Jackson


"I've studied and paid big bucks for top acting coaches in NY, but have gotten little results or improvements from them.  But, with Wendy, I get more than my money's worth.  After working with Wendy for several weeks, I started booking some of my auditions and had more confidence in the room.  She worked with me on a self-taped monologue in less than 3 sessions and I booked the role!" 

- Julie Pham, New York

"Wendy's passion for the craft of acting is contagious. She ignites a fire within you and makes you want to explore the deep places within your soul; often the places you are fearful of going. I have found that she has a perfect balance of being brutally honest, challenging your limits and extremely encouraging. Her class is not an acting class. It is a class that reminds us that our soul needs tending. It is a life exploration class. Which in my humble opinion, is exactly what this town needs."  

- Katie Adler, Los Angeles


“Wendy Ward is one of the best teachers I've ever studied with, and I've studied with some heavy hitters. One casting director told me that my performance was the best monologue performance he'd ever seen and I attribute that to my Meisner training and to Wendy." 

- Toni Romano, Los Angeles


"Wendy is extremely passionate about the work and works tirelessly with each one of her students to help them develop and grow. You MUST have great work ethic, must be able to listen and work somewhat independently (rather than just tell you the answer, she wants her students to discover the answer through their own journey), be invested in YOUR OWN growth as an actor, show up to give it all you got, and be willing to let yourself go to discover yourself as an actor. Wendy will work with you no matter what level of training you're at. The Ward Acting Studio is a MUST for anyone looking to push themselves to be at the top of their craft." 

- Ruka Osoba, Raleigh

"Wendy’s audition workshop was incredibly helpful, it highlighted Dos & Don'ts, which seem so obvious now, whilst also giving you a chance to practice these tips in mock auditions. Since then I’ve been offered roles in 9 out of 12 short films and 2 out of 3 plays I've auditioned for."  

- Libby Brockman, Melbourne