The Ward Acting Studio's Six-Week Acting Intensive

June 4 - July 12, 2018

New for 2018!!

This will be the first Intensive where six actors will be accepted as online students, participating as full members of the course. If you can't make it to Durham, ask Wendy about our new video conferencing and indicate in your application that you wish to be considered for online placement.

Twenty years ago few acting studios in New York City offered six week intensive acting training, and even fewer addressed the career side of the business -- WE DID!

That kind of forward thinking is what has always distinguished the Ward Acting Studio and made our acting intensive one of the most challenging and relevant actor training programs you can choose to be a part of.

What differentiates our summer intensive is that we narrow the scope of the program to one specific acting technique and its application to working with scripts and then apply those processes to a robust audition class.  Rather than test-driving a variety of disciplines and techniques, you'll be focusing on one specific skill set -- using the Meisner Approach in your rehearsals, performances and auditions to your competitive advantage.  You'll find that each class makes you stronger because everything you're learning in one class can be directly applied to the next.  By focusing on this one set of principles for six weeks with a master instructor and applying those principles to different types of professional situations, your growth will have a 'snowball' effect where it increases exponentially as you go through the program.

After the first week, I knew I was doing the most significant training of my life. After six weeks, I had a completely different understanding of what real acting is. The classes not only hold you up to incredibly high standards, but they make you raise your own standards as well.
— Jason Rosenberg

Think you've already done Meisner?

Wendy has been teaching Meisner in New York City for 25 years -- and she's a true master.  Actors who come to her from other Meisner classes report that they had no idea there was so much more to the approach than what they had previously learned.  She is detailed, demanding, and able to catapult your Meisner work to a new and more profound level of understanding and practice. 

More importantly, while you may have acquired some Meisner technique skills in your former training it's unlikely that those skills have been developed and put to test in the kind of robust audition and rehearsal environment that we provide.

Let's face it.  One never gets too good for this approach, which is why many of our graduates come back and study in the intensive with Wendy again and again.

Whether you're studying Meisner for the first time or have already taken classes in the technique before, you're going to confront significant new challenges and find yourself becoming ever more confident, competent, competitive and cooler under pressure.

Don't miss out on our Early Bird Registration Discount.  Students who are accepted and pay in full before March 1, 2018 receive $300 off the cost of the tuition.  Regular tuition is $2400 and paid in installments of $800 each.

This intensive demands the highest level of discipline and commitment imaginable, but if you can meet these standards, your acting will be so much better for it. It is hard but the payoff is so great that you will be grateful for every single minute.
— Adriane Daff

The Atmosphere 

Our Six-Week Acting Intensive is both collegial and competitive.  You'll learn to work at a faster pace, become less sensitive to criticism and increase your stamina for life in the industry.  You'll clearly witness the growth in your classmates and feel the transformation in yourself.  There will be obstacles or even setbacks, but you will move forward and achieve far more than you imagined when you enrolled.

The Schedule

The workload demands that actors employ a high quality of attention and strong discipline during the week, but we schedule the courses in such a way as to avoid burnout.  Classes meet Monday-Thursday leaving weekends free for rehearsals, homework assignments and necessary R&R so that both faculty and students can return rested, refreshed, and ready for work the following Monday.  While the Intensive is usually held during daytime hours, sometimes Wendy is able to offer it during evening and weekend hours so you'll want to check with her on the latest schedule.

Who Can Attend

Many of Wendy's international students come from Australia where she lived and worked for a number of years.  Here's why they still travel to the U.S. to work with her.

The Six-Week Intensive is structured to accommodate all levels of actors from beginners to working professionals and is especially well-suited to recent graduates of college BA and MFA drama programs and actors planning a move to New York, Atlanta or Los Angeles. The most important qualification is having the time, energy and work ethic to meet our high standards.