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Schedule of Classes

Saturday Morning Class:  We offer a once a week class for actors who are unable to make a commitment to our part-time training program.  This class will meet for six sessions and is less of an exploratory "games" course.  It is designed, rather, to provide the same exceptional training offered in our part-time program but at a slower and more affordable pace.

Part-time training:  There are six levels of technique training followed by audition training and advanced performance work.  Most students expect to be with us for a year however you only sign up for one term at a time.  Tuition is paid monthly -- like a gym membership -- and is considered payment for ongoing training instead of a "per course" cost. Tuition is always due on the 1st of the month. 

Classes meet during daytime and evening hours -- you need to discuss your preference at your interview.

Formal Meisner training classes begin with students coming three times a week, then they move to twice a week as they get into advanced levels.

This September, Wendy will also be offering other options in once a week and twice a week formats.  Ask her!

Boot camps:  These one-week immersive intensives (and we mean intense, up to 12-hour days) are given four times a year.  Currently we accept only six students to any given boot camp, and priority is usually given to online coaching clients.  So if you're interested, you need to get your application in early.  Payment is due in two installments.

Six-Week Intensive:  Our six-week intensive is held once a year and is usually populated with actors from other countries who know of Wendy from her years in New York City.  It's also a popular program among college students who want intensive training over the summer and recent college graduates who are looking to transition into the marketplace with more competitive skills.  Early bird discounts are available when you are accepted and pay in full by February 28 of any given year.

Online Coaching: All information on Wendy's online acting classes and audition coaching can be found at

It's best to set up an interview appointment so you can discuss the full breadth of the training directly with Wendy.  She can answer your questions and help you understand what differentiates the Ward Acting Studio from other schools.

Upcoming terms

September 11 - October 19 (Regular term for part-time classes)

November 6 - December 14 (Regular term for part-time classes)


January 8 - 12 (Boot Camp)

June 4 - July 12 (Six-Week Intensive)


Schedules are subject to change without notice.

We do our best to tweak our schedule to meet the needs of our current and prospective students but there are basic obligations that all of our actors must meet.