All of the actors that perform in the Ward Theatre Company are graduates of, or actors in training at the Ward Acting Studio.  Here's a sampling of what reviewers have said about their acting.

"From the moment Ms. Ward’s actors walk on stage, one senses each has an intrinsic gist of the importance of sincere engagement with and respect for their compatriots, which results in the creation of a rich and credible milieu.  It would be interesting to discover Ms. Ward's key ingredients in her extremely effective drama training that produces beautifully tuned, evenly balanced work, in which all actors appear confident and comfortably in control of their craft." 



“Jacuzzi marks Wendy Ward's directorial debut in the region, and the regional debuts of three of her company's four members. For two of them, Jacuzzi is their first show ever. Not to worry: you won't be able to pick them out.  But how do beginners get this good this quickly? Having a well-seasoned teacher helps. After graduating with a theater degree from Duke in 1981, Ward taught acting in New York for decades before moving to Australia in 2010. Concluding that she was "very American," she relocated here in 2014.”



"This crew delivers as much narrative as an Arthur Miller play with only 5% of the talking.  Each member of Ward’s company sheds skin, muscle, and bone until we discover a long, taut tendon, connecting an actor’s brain and a character’s heart–the perfect melding of thinking and feeling. This company’s Meisner-based preparations have allowed them to let go of the actor’s preoccupation with mechanics."



"Beautiful theater, exquisite performances."



"The beauty of this piece is in the intimate feeling of our experience of each of the characters. We meet them and learn about them in small doses. Each one is a part of the fabric of this community, and we leave feeling that we have seen (and been somewhat immersed in) its complex tapestry. This feeling, we surmise, was due to the high quality of the acting, which afforded a genuineness and a sense of completion in the portrayals of the various characters."