Part-time Acting Training Program

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced actor, you're going to be challenged and impressed by the level of professionalism you'll receive and the standards you'll be required to meet while working in our program. One thing that Wendy is known for is teaching a class that levels the playing field for everyone involved. 

If you've had Meisner training before, you're likely to be astonished at how much more there is to the Meisner technique than what you previously experienced.  We guarantee you'll have no doubt that you're studying with a master. 

If you're a newcomer, you'll be surprised by how far Wendy can take you in just a few months of training.  What all of our students agree on is that Wendy's mastery is in knowing exactly where she can strengthen your specific skills and bring out parts of your talent that you didn't know existed.


Meisner Training Program

Students move progressively through three levels of actor training -- Tech I, II and III.  Each level requires 12 weeks of training to complete.  Usually terms are scheduled in six-week sections with actors training for six weeks and then taking a week or two off before resuming their training.  

Class Schedule

Throughout your Tech I and Tech II training, classes meet twice a week.  For your first twelve weeks of training (Tech I), classes meet on Monday and Wednesday evening.  When you get to Tech II, you'll join actors on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  The final level of training -- Tech III -- includes a once-a-week class, usually on Saturdays, and other private sessions scheduled throughout the week.

If you can't commit to our Studio schedule, talk to Wendy about ONLINE ACTING CLASSES and other training options.

I had been looking for training that would propel me forward into a new realm of acting when I came across the Ward Studio. Now halfway through Tech I, I can safely say that Wendy’s training is always challenging, provocative and unlike any other training I have ever encountered. Wendy brings authenticity and honesty to the craft of acting and her dedication to the craft is second to none.
— Emma Caldwell, founder Boutique Theatre

The Curriculum

We divide the Meisner training into three levels and then follow up the final level with a comprehensive Audition course that takes everything you've learned and teaches you how to use it under the pressures of various audition situations.

Tech I - Actors learn the basics of the Meisner Approach through a series of improvisational exercises and then test those skills in scenework at the end of each term.

Tech II - Actors learn "emotional preparation," a process of developing emotionally open, vulnerable and truthful acting without using sense memory and without becoming self-indulgent.

Tech III - Actors work on text skills mainly through solo assignments where they are assigned a variety of text and script work.  They learn a process for preparing monologues and deepening their connection with the text that prevents the work from sounding "acted."  Actors also work on physical adjustments (sometimes referred to as "impediments") such as accents and other physical changes that are appropriate for a given role.

Audition/Interview Technique -  Actors participate in a series of mock auditions addressing everything that they will be faced with in the industry from prepared monologues, cold monologues, scenes, interviews, self-tapes, etc. 

To be a successful actor in Los Angeles, to compete with the immense number of talented actors, one MUST have a strong sense of self, truth and an extraordinary connection with their emotional life. For me, Wendy was the teacher that planted these seeds and continuously and nourishingly taught me ways to bring them to life. I use Wendy’s teaching every single time I walk into an audition, a booking, or a class. All that I have learned from Wendy’s classes have become my most utilized and reliable tools.
— Brandon Pizzola, Los Angeles