Acting & Audition Coaching Online

Wherever you are, whenever you need it -- at your pace, in your own space!

Wendy’s professionalism and focus translate immediately online. You feel like you’re in the classroom with her. Her coaching allows her to hone in on your specific needs and set a pace that caters specifically to you. I look forward to booking out her calendar!
— Julee Cerda, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Smart People
Julee Cerda

The Ward Acting Studio provides professional online acting classes and online coaching for your auditions, performances, self tapes and show reels -- as well as classes in basic and advanced Meisner skills.

If you need immediate help with an upcoming audition, we recommend calling Wendy Ward directly at 917.816.2122.  This is your best option for getting on Wendy's calendar within the next 24 hours.

Wendy has provided coaching to her clients for years over Skype and Facetime, and it really, really works!  Her online clients have booked Netflix Originals, major independent films in Los Angeles, a Broadway show, national TV and radio commercials and lead roles in some of the country's leading regional theaters.

Wendy also provides online acting courses for actors who need to address specific areas of interest or need.  You can schedule these online classes around your availability to address your specific needs.  Topics include: preparing audition monologues, learning how to emotionally prepare, understanding particularization and how to apply it to any text, changing your type and becoming quicker at memorization.