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Schedule of Classes

Part-time training:  Our part-time acting program includes three levels of technique training followed by audition training and advanced performance work.  It takes about a year to get all the way through Meisner training, however tuition is paid monthly -- like a gym membership -- and is considered payment for ongoing training rather than a "per course" or "per class" fee.  Students attend class twice a week and select from either a Monday/Wednesday set of classes or a Tuesday/Thursday set of classes.  Tuition for these twice-a-week classes is $365/month and is due on the 1st of the month.  Generally, classes meet during evening hours although sometimes when there is interest daytime sections are scheduled.  Ask!

Beginning in March of 2018, actors will have the option of paying $420/month which allows them to attend as many classes a month as they like.  This is a great option for actors who want to train really hard and do as much work as they can in any given term.  There may be some constraints on this option during certain terms, but adding just one or two additional classes each month makes the additional tuition a bargain.

Specifics around scheduling options and tuition are discussed in detail during your interview appointment. 

Boot camps:  These one-week immersive intensives are given several times throughout the year.  Currently we accept only six students to any given boot camp, and Wendy prefers that  candidates complete a one-on-one online course with her prior to participating.  Tuition is $1,250 and is payable in two installments.

Six-Week Intensive:  Our six-week intensive is held once a year and is frequently populated with actors from other countries who know of Wendy from her years in New York City.  It's also a popular program among college students who want intensive training over the summer and recent college graduates who are looking to transition into the marketplace with more competitive skills.  Early bird discounts are available when you are accepted and pay in full by February 28.  Regular tuition is $2,400.  Early bird tuition is $2,100.  (Prices will go up in 2019.)

Online Coaching: All information on Wendy's online acting classes and audition coaching can be found at actingcoachingonline.comWatch for a new online intensive available in August of 2018.

All prospective students should set up an interview appointment.  Wendy can answer your questions and help you determine if the Ward Acting Studio program is right for you.

2018 matriculation dates

New classes generally begin every other month.  Each level of training takes 12 weeks to complete.  You may have a week off every six weeks.  See the scheduled breaks for 2018 listed below.

January 15

March 5

April 23

(June matriculation may be an option depending on our enrollment in the Six-Week Intensive.  Watch here!)

September 10

November 5

Vacation weeks during 2018:  February 23 - March 4; April 13 - 22; July 13 - September 9; October 19-November 4; December 14 - 31.

2018 special training opportunities

June 4 - July 12 (Six-Week Intensive)

Additional Boot Camps and a new Online Intensive will be announced for July and August.


Schedules and prices are subject to change without notice.

We do our best to tweak our schedule to meet the needs of our current and prospective students but there are basic obligations that all of our actors must meet. Always ask about scheduling as many times additional courses are added.