Meisner Technique Training at Its Finest

Smart, bold, relevant and transformative acting training for film, television and stage 


The Meisner technique has been revered for decades by producers, directors and casting directors for its extraordinary ability to instill emotional truthfulness and power in an actor's work.  Studio Director Wendy Ward began teaching the technique 25 years ago in New York City and since that time has helped thousands of actors transform their acting from the lukewarm imitation of life into compelling, brave moments of real human experience.  Her mastery in the technique has expedited her graduates' ability to leave their day jobs and step confidently into full-time acting careers. 

Now you can study with her in Durham, North Carolina.*

It was when I finished my first lead in a movie, two guest parts in big pilots and tested for Gossip Girls that I realized how much I learned in Wendy’s classes. She challenges you in a positive way. I would love to be in her class again.
— Alexandra Daddario, True Detective, Percy Jackson, San Andreas

We applaud our graduates who are now familiar faces in the industry and celebrate the many others who left our studio prepared for careers as actors, voice-over artists, film directors and producers. While you may not know their names, you've watched them on HBO programs; heard them on national TV commercials; seen their pictures in magazines and on products in your grocery store; and rooted for them in major motion pictures.  Let us help you join their ranks!  Whether you're an experienced actor or just a beginner, we've got a class that will challenge and inspire you and also suit your schedule.


*If you're not able to study with Wendy in Durham, visit or to learn about other ways you CAN study with Wendy.